Wheel Alignment and Balancing

Wheel alignment and balancing will make a significant improvement to the performance, running costs and wear and tear for your vehicle.

Customers will often go to large retail outlets to purchase new tyres but will baulk at paying for a wheel alignment and balancing service as this adds to their expenses. This however is a short-term perspective.

Why would I spend the time and money getting wheel alignment and balancing for my car?

The best news about wheel alignment is that it could easily double the life of your tyres, which is of course, a huge money-saving advantage. Good quality tyres aren’t cheap so it makes sense to make sure that they wear evenly and stay in good condition as long as possible. Uneven wear and tear on your tyres can also be a safety issue preventing your car from stopping safely when required. In wet weather it is imperative that your car’s tyres have sufficient tread and are evenly worn to help you to retain traction in difficult conditions.

What are some other benefits of using a wheel alignment and balancing service?

By using the On Track Automotive wheel alignment and balancing service you are helping to increase the longevity of your tyres while also improving your fuel consumption. Another benefit of wheel alignment and balancing is helping to prevent the wear and tear that takes place on suspension components in your car. At On Track Automotive we use the latest technology and equipment for our wheel alignment and balancing service to ensure that we get the best performance from your tyres.

Next time you get new tyres for your car pop in to see us for your wheel alignment and balancing service.