Log Book Servicing

One way to reduce your running costs and increase your car resale value is to find a mechanic who will spend time on car log book servicing. It is not essential to have your car log book servicing done by the manufacturer, providing that the independent mechanic you choose follows the manufacturer’s log book recommendations. At On Track Automotive we pay special attention to car log book servicing, ensuring that we follow the manufacturer’s specifications in detail and that all servicing and parts used are in accordance with their instructions. To make sure your car lasts longer, runs smoothly and is safe to drive it’s important to follow the car log book servicing schedule. Oil needs to be replaced at certain intervals to ensure it retains its lubricating properties and tyres and brakes need regular checking to make sure that they have not deteriorated. If we come across other items that need attention while we are doing a car log book service we will contact the customer immediately to discuss the particular issue before doing any other further work.

An important thing to remember when looking at your car log book servicing is that by not following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully you run the risk of voiding your warranty. At On Track Automotive we make sure we follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter so that this situation doesn’t occur.

One danger that motorists fall into when buying a new car is making the decision to purchase ‘cap priced servicing’. Please come and talk with us before signing up for this service as it rarely delivers on its promise – leaving the motorist paying for parts or consumables such as tyres, windscreen wipers, brake pads etc. or extra services that may be required like wheel alignments or coolant flush.